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Berend Warrink is a retired aerospace engineer. He is married, has three children and three grandchildren.

Why me?

As a retired aerospace engineer, I have experienced from nearby of the materialistic and military international aerospace industry, that belongs to the old Age of Pisces. The design of aircraft was only one aspect of my life.

As member of the board of the Universe Contact Society, and four years as chairman, I experienced communication with extraterrestrial forms of life. This gave me a view on the coming spiritual Age of Aquarius. A few of the spiritual and cosmic lifeforms play a role in my novels.

Only after my retirement, I had sufficient experience en knowledge to obtain a comprehensive worldview and that was not reassuring. It took me years of study, meditation and dreams to figure out what Aquarius and the Apocalypse mean for us.

Without the support from my family and help of a fantastic writing coach, the books could not have become the thrilling novels with a spiritual message they are now.

Why am I writing about the Apocalypse?

There are quite a few Jehovah’s Witnesses in my family and Revelation has therefore always been a point of discussion. My interest was more than ever aroused when I read about the Anunnaki gods in the books of Zecharia Sitchin. A nuclear war is described, which is strikingly similar to the disasters in Revelation. It took me two years of study to unravel who is who in Revelation and to find out the why, where and when of it.

The answers were astonishing!

What does writing about the Apocalypse mean for me?

A lot. For the discussion within my family it is a relief to discover that Revelation is a thing of the past. Writing and puzzling is fun to do. More difficult was the discovery that we live in an age-old perception on Revelation. It was really a struggle to break down that perception bit by bit, so that there was freedom for new insights. The most important thing was that my relationship with the gods changed. It took more than a year before I dared to write that hero Bob is shooting the god Mars. I now know that we no longer need to be small, weak, and submissive, because humans are better beings than the so-called gods who used nuclear weapons and poisoned humankind with a hereditary damage.

Writing about the Apocalyps has dramatically changed my view on gods, religion, the place of humans in the universe and on myself!

I am certain that the same will happen to the readers.

Business CV of the author:

  • Study Mechanical Engineering, Technical University Twente
  • Education to Airline Pilot, Rijksluchtvaartschool
  • Study Aerospace Engineering, Technical University Delft

  • 36 years at Fokker Aircraft Company:
    aerodynamics, research, design, responsible for flight handling of Fokker 50 and Fokker 100, assistant Chief Engineer Fokker 100, research coordination, international coordination flight safety, accident investigation, quality manager, airworthiness director NH90.
  • Warrink Aviation Consultancy


Spiritual CV:

  • 14 years board member Universe Contact Society, of which 4 years as chairman,
  • 12 years training ‘spiritual warrior’ in Belgium
  • Courses: Reiki, EFT, LOA, dreams, breathing, visualisation
  • Giving lectures about my books.


  • Course in Creative Writing
  • Personal writing coach sessions by Tjeerd Posthuma, author and dramaturge, 260¬† sessions in 7 years, and continuing.